Earphone's on. Reality off #213

On a Christmas day, early in the beginning of this century
Down the road and there, I saw many sights that day

Searching for the perfect present to give my love
Knocking on every shopkeeper's door
Please produce a product worth buying my love
A gift to show how I care for her
To prove my emotions are real this time
So she knows next Christmas will be grand as well

It was later that afternoon, the sun had gone down
A little bet that I had knocked on just the right store door
A little man, with a little snub of hair, 
Came to the handle and turned it, and opened it and
Asked if I would enter, and purchase what I would
Well were it was perfect, but just a little bit good

I went to the rear, where the glass case was,
Not very full, not overfull that is
There was just a small jewel colored rouge
I said "How much for that red little jewel there? 
I think it's just the perfect communicative gift,
To show that I care (absolutely!) a great deal"

Its eight hundred and seventy three dollars, that's the problem, 
I didn't have that much money, not on me at least
So I ran out the door and I ran down the road,
To the bank to withdraw some more cash money
I was sure that I had enough, I took it all out 
And returned to the store to purchase the rouge diamond for my love

Alas, I was out of cash, besides the diamond was just glass
The diamond was just glass

The diamond was just glass
The diamond was just glass
The diamond was just glass 

Arcade Fire - A very arcade xmas

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