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Depeche Mode cancel Portugal gig

The band play Israel, Spain, Greece and Turkey over the next fortnight.
Depeche Mode have called off a gig in Portugal next week, claiming the promoter did not pay suppliers' bills.
Companies involved in running the concert "had not received any money and logistically the show couldn't happen", band spokeswoman Barbara Charone said.
She rebuffed reports that poor ticket sales led to the cancellation of the gig in Lisbon, saying it was "incorrect" to blame the group. Ms Charone told BBC News that promoter Brand New Day "didn't have the money". She added: "I don't know where all the ticket money went."
Depeche Mode's world tour was due to reach the Portuguese capital next Friday, with a gig at the Alvalade Stadium. Ms Charone said 75% of all tickets had been purchased.
In a statement, the group issued an apology to "disappointed fans", and advised ticketholders to seek refunds from the place of purchase.
Depeche Mode are currently in Spain, where they are playing four concerts over the coming week.

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