Filme: I Origins (2014)

"I ORIGINS follows a molecular biologist whose study of the human eye points to evidence with far reaching implications about our scientific and spiritual beliefs. " (retirado do site oficial do filme)

Sofi: How many senses do worms have? 
Ian: They have two. Smell and touch. Why? 
Sofi: So... they live without any ability to see or even know about light, right? The notion of light to them is unimaginable. 
Ian: Yeah. 
Sofi: But we humans... we know that light exists. All around them... right on top of them... they cannot sense it. But with a little mutation, they do. Right? 
Ian: Correct. 
Sofi: So... Doctor Eye... perhaps some humans, rare humans... have mutated to have another sense. A spirit sense. And can perceive a world that is right on top of us... everywhere. Just like the light on these worms.