Music is Love in Search of a Word #93

Quiet Hollers - Mont Blanc

now I take precautions for my peace of mind 
I don't know what difference it might make 
to hang on any longer 
but I cut the tree across the drive 
spend the daylight hours inside 
trying to make the place look empty 
so as no-one comes around 

I thought I saw them again last night 
those same distant headlights 
sweeping back and forth across 
the empty shells of the summer homes 
and if the bastards ever come 
promise me you'll take the kids and run 
I may be weak and I may be frail 
but I can throw them off your trail 

and I used to worry what clothes I had on 
the school recitals and the manicured lawns 
and I had a laundry-list of people 
I could count on if it all went wrong... 
and then the bomb 

shed a tear for the books I shoulda read"

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